Founded in 2000, Biofresh for 16 years now delights its customers with affordable and high-quality cosmetics with natural Bulgarian rose oil and rose water. Biofresh boasts a long tradition in the rose oil distillery and the cosmetic industry of their region.

One of Biofresh's leading advantages on the cosmetic market is that their products are affordable and based exclusively on natural ingredients that care for your face, body and hair. Biofresh products are suitable for all skin types - normal, dry, sensitive and problematic. Biofresh have not overlooked the need for quality men's products, as well as children's delicate needs.

Part of Biofresh's cosmetic lines include Rose of Bulgaria, Yoghurt of Bulgaria, Regina Floris, Nat'Aura, Herbal, Herbs of Bulgaria and their newest line Olive Oil of Greece (which is coming soon). The Cosmetics Bulgaria team has gathered them all in one place. In every cosmetic line you will find a variety of creams and face masks, serums, shampoos and body lotions, as well as natural rose water and rose oil for all your needs.

In 2018 Cosmetics Bulgaria was officially recognized as an official Biofresh partner.