Wooden Spoon

Wooden Spoon

Wooden Spoon is one of the few Bulgarian manufacturers of bio and organic natural cosmetics, but is one of our favourites. The company takes seriously its responsibility towards the environment and handcrafts every product with love for people. Wooden Spoon's main goal is to offer as pure and natural face and body care as possible.

Wooden Spoon's organic cosmetics change the overall feeling of your body and face but also effectively help to maintain the skin healthy, rejuvenated and irresistibly soft. 

Although Wooden Spoon's main concern is for the human health, they also aim to minimize the pollution from manufacturing. During the process all containers, boxes, unused materials and other spare ingredients are recycled. Minimum water is used and the products are not dilluted with it. In order to preserve the beneficial properties of each ingredients, all oils are heated up to no more than 38°C. Chemical, synthetic or petroleum ingredients are a no-no in our recipes. 

It's also important to note that not a single Wooden Spoon product is tested on animals and all of them are 100% cruelty-free. Every member of the Wooden Spoon family believes that beauty and proper body care is affordable and achievable without harming our beautiful and fragile flora and fauna. 

The organic cosmetic products by Wooden Spoon offer an all-inclusive face, body and hair care, combining raw and unprocessed organic oils with precious herbal extracts. Some of their products include: anti-age face serum, serum for problematic skin, cocoa body butter, rose body butter, lavender body butter, menthol and arnica body butter and beeswax butter for very dry skin. organic argan oil, hair growth serum with red pepper and giner, anti-cellulite oil with red pepper and ginger, organic baby diaper cream with cink oxide, baby oil, lip balms and sun protection for the whole family.