Sumac flower water for dental hygiene Ina Essentials

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  • Pure natural product for prevention of the oral cavity and for thorough oral hygiene.
  • Made from organic sumac.
  • Has a strong antibacterial effect.
  • Can be used for problems with cold sores, bad breath and other types of discomfort.
150 ml.
  • 7.15 (excl. VAT: €5.96)

excl. VAT: €5.96

Sumac flower water for dental hygiene Ina Essentials

Sumac flower water for dental hygiene Ina Essentials

150 ml.

7.15 excl. VAT: €5.96

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About the product

Ina Essentials sumac floral water is made from organically grown sumac (Cotinus Coggygria), which has been known for millennia for its beneficial effects on all oral hygiene concerns such as bad breath, cold sores and bleeding. The secret of sumac water lies in its powerful antibacterial effect. It targets the bacteria responsible for bad breath and the development of other oral concerns.

Suitable for prevention of the oral cavity.

Directions for use

For oral hygiene: Fill the cap and gargle for about 30 seconds and spit out. Use morning and evening as part of your oral hygiene routine.

Against fungi and bacteria: Apply with a cotton swab to the area affected by the fungus. For foot fungus, you can also make a bath of 40-50 ml. sumac water in lavel filled with lukewarm water.

Postpartum care: Ina Essentials recommends sumac water to be added to the postpartum care routine as an effective rinse.


Cotinus Coggygria Flower Water

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